Message from the General Chair

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to welcome you to the 23rd IEEE International SoC Conference (SOCC 2010) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During the last three decades, application specific microelectronics has grown from a small market to one of the most important economic factors, dominating most parts of our work and life. Consequently, IEEE SOCC and its predecessors IEEE ASIC/SOC and IEEE ASIC have accompanied engineers and engineering managers for more than two of these three decades now, always showing the latest trends of our times.

In the meantime, ubiquitous computing, mobile communication, and their underlying hardware are about to change our society and the way we communicate and interact with each others. While in the nineties of the last century, the rise of the Internet and the dotcom revolution were fueling the growing demand for high speed networks and high performance computing, it is now the new and fast growing always on generation that drives the development of new devices and applications that have already started to pervade all parts of our daily lives.

  You, the engineer of the 21st century, have the responsibility to provide the hardware for this networked society. The integration of an entire system onto a single silicon chip is one of the driving factors behind this electronic revolution and has become a major requirement to tackle the increasing cost of manufacturing those ever shrinking transistors - and to keep Moores Law alive for many more years.

From the highly integrated Systems-on-Chip (SoC) needed for smart handheld devices, high definition video processing, home automation, or car electronics, over bio electronics revolutionizing our medicine, to high performance computers to simulate climate change, there is a wide spectrum of applications - and also of knowledge that you need to gain and maintain to stay competitive as an engineer in a global market.

In addition to that, nowadays not only function and performance but also environmental issues play an important role in our industry. Issues like low power consumption, green manufacturing, and a low carbon footprint over the whole lifetime of a product are becoming more and more important. The way we are developing and manufacturing our systems today will affect the way we and our children will live in the future - and help us and them to build and shape a smarter planet.

  To help you to achieve these goals, SOCC 2010 provides a forum for sharing recent progress and discussing new challenges in SoC research and development, bringing together experts from both industry and academia to discuss and solve critical hardware and software issues in SoC technologies.  Our Technical Program Chairs, Prof. Ramalingam Sridhar from the University of Buffalo, and Norbert Schuhmann from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Germany have put together a comprehensive technical program covering all aspects of SoC development.

We are as well excited to welcome our distinguished keynote speaker, Prof, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Professor, University of California at Berkeley & Chief Technology Advisor, Cadence Design Systems, our two plenary speakers, Michael Keating, Fellow, Synopsys, Inc, and Sandra Woodward, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Corp., and our Luncheon Speaker, P.R.Mukund, President and CEO of NanoArk Corp.

  It is worth to mention that even during these times of economic depression, job insecurity and globalization pressure, IEEE SOCC continues to be a stable and reliable source for you to stay competitive in a rapidly changing engineering environment. I am especially proud that this year we were able to increase the number of paper submissions, in spite of the trend we see at many other conferences. Being able to select the best papers from a large number of high quality submissions helps us to maintain the quality that our conference attendees are expecting from us.

Therefore, my first and sincerest thanks go to our authors and attendees. This conference is made for you and it is first and foremost you who make this conference a success.

I also would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the Organizing, Technical Program, and Local Committees. Without your generous contribution of time and effort this conference would not have happened.

In this spirit, I wish you all a productive and enjoyable stay in Las Vegas

Thomas Bchner
IBM Germany Research & Development
SOCC 2010 General Chair

Andrew Marshall
Texas Instruments
SOCC 2010 General Co-Chair